Physiotherapy is a health profession involved in prevention, evaluation and treatment of physical dysfunction and injury. The practice is based in the movement sciences. Physiotherapists aid patients from paediatrics to geriatrics in the best methods of restoring an optimum quality of life.  Whether you’re recovering from surgery or fighting chronic pain, manual and exercise therapies are customised for you to exceed expectations.

Manual Physiotherapy is a clinical approach which utilises skilled, specific hands-on techniques to diagnose and eliminate mechanical pain and dysfunction with the ultimate goal of returning to full pain-free function. Treatments include soft tissue therapy, massage, manipulation/mobilisation, exercise prescription, passive and active stretching; all in order to diagnose and treat soft tissue and joint structures for the purpose of modulating pain, increasing range of movement, reducing or eliminating soft tissue inflammation, inducing relaxation, improving tissue repair, extensibility and/or stability, and facilitating and improving movement.

Many physiotherapists prefer to use modalities such as ultrasound and hot packs, in preference to manual therapy and exercise. We are the opposite, as we emphasise hands on techniques and exercise therapy when dealing with chronic health problems, as research shows that passive treatments are effective only when combined with professionally prescribed exercise therapy. (White NT et al. Phys Ther 2015). Therefore, our physiotherapists prescribe carefully designed exercises to increase strength, flexibility and endurance.