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Some naturopathic winter advice from Cameron Mack our resident naturopath

Posted Jun 05, 2020 by Brunswick Chiropractic. Filed under General

During this season, especially with our “semi lock down” restrictions, we can all fall into the trap of comfort and winter eating, pizza, pasta, breads, mashed potato, rice, take away. All are very tempting and understandable but are calorie high and nutrient low.

As an alternative, try opting for nourishing warming foods like soups and stews, or warm salads.

Resist the temptation to find “quick and easy” refined processed carbohydrates, consider good quality, un-refined wholegrains, if your diet includes grain-based carbohydrates. Whole rolled oats, quinoa or organic brown rice can be good choices, however, be mindful that grain-based carbohydrates are energy dense, so still try to keep portion sizes small and only consume these types of foods at one meal per day.

Tasty alternatives are almost limitless, cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles or mashed sweet potato… Way fewer empty calories (which too easily convert to fat), with more nutritional and fibre content!


Every meal should meet our nutritional needs but also appeal to our tastebuds, thus improving digestive capacity. Make sure that each meal contains the following:

1) Protein (approx. 40%)

2) Colourful nourishing carbohydrates from fruit, vegetables and/or salads. (approx. 30%)

3) Healthy good fats (approx. 30%)

4) Plenty of water throughout the day. In winter we can become “hydrophobic”, not wanting to drink water but becoming water depleted on a cellular level. This is something we test for at Brunswick Chiropractic with a specialised BIO IMPEDENCE test.

5) Consider incorporating fresh herbs and spices, they can enhance flavour and stimulate our digestive capacity.

For an easy way to obtain the above proportions and size of food groups, aim for a meal consisting of a palm size of protein (nuts, seeds, legumes, eggs or lean animal protein) and two big handfuls of colourful vegetables or fruit or salad.  Add a drizzle of good fats (oils like flax, coconut, olive, almond) before serving.

The protein and good fats will help keep you full and satisfied and reduce your carb cravings. Again, if you are adding in ‘grain based’ carbohydrates, try to choose the most nourishing option and keep the portion size to no more than a quarter of your meal.

If you would like to know more about naturopathy and if it can help you, Cameron is offering free 15 minute consultations. Please notify reception.