Dr Erin Conway


Dr Erin first became obsessed with chiropractic care when she was undergoing a clinical exercise science and human movement degree. She had always been a headache sufferer and from a young age had also been very interested in how the body works - coming from an athletic background and thought that exercise science would hold some answers for her. However upon seeing a chiropractor for the first time she knew that this was the path that she needed to take - she had never learnt so much about health and the inner workings of your body before! Her headaches were a thing of the past and that was it! She was totally inspired and switched degrees to begin studying to be a Chiropractor herself. Upon completing her Chiropractic degree (Bachelor Health Science/Bachelor Applied Science (Chiropractic) ) at RMIT University, Erin was overjoyed at the fact that she would be helping people discover the health benefits of Chiropractic care for years to come.

Erin has a range of experience treating athletes, elderly patients and everything in between. She loves the holistic approach that Chiropractic brings to healthcare and the way she can care for people and make changes to symptoms and neuromusculoskeletal function with her hands.

Dr Erin spent most of her younger years from the age 12 growing up on the Mornington Peninsula and still enjoys a beachy lifestyle, camping, gardening, drawing, sewing and travelling when she can.