It wasn't until going through rehabilitation for a severe back injury that Joe felt that he truly discovered the benefits of what manual therapy can do for the body and mind.

He recalls being completely fascinated and engaged throughout his therapy sessions; and very quickly decided that he had found his calling! Joe did what anyone who believes they've found their passion would do; he quit his job and started his education in the field from the ground up. Joe definitely has a passion for learning all about healing the body and having it function efficiently. 

Joe moved up the ranks from remedial massage and graduated from RMIT in 2016 with an advanced diploma in myotherapy. He just can't seem to stop himself from learning more, so he is currently also studying chiropractic at RMIT. 

Joe loves improving the lives of people he treats, learning about who they are and helping them achieve their goals. 

Joe has experience in treating people at various sporting clubs and clinics, however his fondest memories have been those of when he undertook a volunteer program to treat locals in remote communities in India and of treating circus performers at NICA. Both those experiences taught Joe more than he could ever imagine and cemented the idea of continuing to further his career as a therapist.

Joe has a keen interest in physical exercise of all forms, especially functional movements. He has recently started body weight exercises and gymnastics and in summer he says you'd have to drag him away from swimming at the beach. He loves movies, has dabbled in acting, (and still does once every blue moon), and describes himself as a hack guitarist and pianist. Joe also loves various forms of art and likes to think of himself as 'hobbyist artist'. All he says he needs are his “early morning coffees with my pencils and I'm set for the rest of the day”.