Myotherapy is built on the foundation of Remedial Massage Therapy and focuses on the soft tissue (muscles, fascia, connective tissue) of the body and how it affects the other structures and systems of the body. Simply put, myotherapists help people who are in pain get out of pain. We do this through a combination of soft tissue techniques, stretching and strength training.

Our aim is to help relieve pain, but most importantly to work out why you are in pain. We can then create a treatment plan to potentially help stop your pain from returning and allow you to move with strength and confidence again.

Our myotherapists are all fully qualified and registered with Myotherapy Association of Australian and will conduct a full medical history, examination and treatment. Treatment may include deep tissue massage along with a specifically tailored combination of modalities including myofascial cupping, dry needling, joint mobilisation, stretching, muscle energy technique and strengthening exercises to help you get the relief that you’re after.

To find out more about our therapists and their available hours please check the Our Team page or call the clinic on 03 9388 1233.