What to expect on your first visit.

Please arrive 10 mins early to your first appointment to fill in a small amount of paperwork.

Please bring in any current or relevant scans (X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, CT, etc) or medical reports with you.

Your Initial Consultation

It will involve a detailed case history, asking about any relevant medical and family history. We will find out as much information as we can to help us get to the bottom of your current problem.

Consultation Times

Approximate consultation times are below, however sometimes more or less time is required depending on what your therapist has deemed is necessary. 
Chiropractic: Your initial consultation will last around 45 minutes, with most follow up visits being 15 minutes.
Osteopathy: Your initial consultation will last around 60 minutes, with most follow up visits being 30 minutes.
Myotherapy / Remedial Massage: Most initial consultations will be around 45 – 60 mins, but occasionally 30 mins is all that is required. Follow up visits can vary between 30-60 mins and will be discussed between you and your therapist and booked accordingly. 


Your examination may consist of various chiropractic, osteopathic, physical, orthopaedic, neurological or other special tests. This is important in determining what may be causing your problem and ensuring that all techniques used are appropriate and safe to use for your current condition.
Please note that you may be asked to undress to your underwear to perform these examinations or during the treatment, however we can provide you with gowns or use a towel for draping where necessary to protect your privacy. Please try to wear appropriate clothing to help you feel more comfortable, but please be assured that our practitioners maintain the highest professional standards. 


After your examination, a treatment plan will be discussed and in most cases you will receive your first treatment. It would only be in rare circumstances that we wouldn’t treat on the first visit - either we need further investigations, deem the treatment potentially unsafe at that time, or if your examination is complex we may have exceeded your allocated time. 


All consultation fees are due at the time of your visit and can be made via our HICAPS terminal. All of our therapists have provider numbers to allow you to claim your through your private health insurance if you have Extras cover. We are unable to provide you with what rebate you might receive as each cover is individual. It is best to contact your insurance provider for details if you wish to know more.
Our HICAPS facility allows you to claim on the spot and you are only required to pay the gap for your treatment, however you must present your card to us on the day. Otherwise a receipt will be provided to you and you can claim directly with your insurance provider. 
Payment can be made by credit, Eftpos/savings, or cash payments. Unfortunately, AMEX and crypto-currencies are not accepted at this stage. 

Unsure who to see?

It can be confusing to know which therapist can help you best. If you aren’t sure please give us a call on 03 9388 1233 and one of our friendly staff can help discuss the options we have available and which therapy might be the first you should see. 
All your clinical notes are stored securely on our computer system, which only your treating therapist will access. What we pride ourselves on at Brunswick Chiropractic is our multidisciplinary team. If you or your treating therapist don’t believe the current therapy you are undergoing is helping or is enough, then we are able to refer you to another one of our on-site modalities. We want to (and pride ourselves on being able to) cater for each individual’s needs and to get your back to your pain-free self again as quickly and effectively as possible.

Ready to book?

You can call us on 03 9388 1233 if you need any further direction or BOOK NOW.
We have online booking for all myotherapy / remedial massage, osteopathy patients and new chiropractic patients. Click here to BOOK NOW.