Wrist / Hand Pain Treatment at Brunswick Chiro Osteo Myo

The wrist and hand are intricate and vital parts of the human body. They are complex joints enabling dexterity, movement, and functionality in daily activities.

Understanding Wrist / Hand Pain

Wrist and hand pain can arise from various causes, including:

  • repetitive strain injuries,
  • tendonitis (tennis / lateral epicondylitis and golfer's medial epicondylitis), 
  • arthritis,
  • sprains,
  • fractures,
  • carpal tunnel syndrome,
  • cysts
  • trigger finger and

These conditions can lead to pain, stiffness, weakness, and limited mobility in the affected wrist or hand.

Wrist and Hand are important parts of the human body

Comprehensive Treatment for Wrist / Hand Pain

At Brunswick Chiro, our experienced practitioners provide comprehensive treatment for wrist and hand pain. We take a personalized approach to address the underlying causes of your discomfort and develop a tailored treatment plan that suits your specific needs.

Our treatment options may include chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy, rehabilitative exercises, ergonomic recommendations, and lifestyle modifications.

We aim not only to relieve your pain but also to enhance your overall hand and wrist function, allowing you to perform daily tasks with ease.

We can diagnose your wrist pain

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